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Oh hai?
on chair
SO she still lives...

Been in hibernation of late. Ever since i've quit the museum, my life has less stress, ergo less rantage and need of an outlet.

I found a temporary income source in tutoring a German-Vietnamese 8-year old name Lukas and his 20-year old Vietnamese aunt. It was two months of work that kept my brain and finances reasonably afloat. My time with them has concluded and now i'm back to staving off panic when faced with the void of uncertainty. It's been a week of absolutely nothing to keep me occupied.

Seems like my life is on ::PAUSE:: i'm idling and hoping for the stop sign to change so i can step on the gas.

All this waiting for direction has pushed me to reach new heights of koala. I have made it into an art form this past week. My most pressing activity has been sleeping.

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ah no.. english tutor. though governess would not be a bad job especially if the family travels around the world a lot and takes you with them. XD

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